Monday, 21 December 2009

3 Days to Christmas!

So, the final weekend before Christmas has now passed, and we are now well and truly in the final run in to Christmas, with just a few days remaining!

It's also the beginning of Christmas week at work, which is always a special atmosphere, and no doubt the mince pies will be in full swing, and those festive CD's turned up that little bit more with people singing along to the likes of Band Aid, as they now get themselves all Christmassy.

Sitting here typing this, looking over at the Christmas tree with presents already below it, and the excitement is now starting hit fever pitch, couple that with watching a couple of movies yesterday, the first one being National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, how funny is that film still after all these years - the moment when he lights the house up is just classic!

The next film enjoyed yesterday was Miracle on 34th Street, the new version, starring Richard Attenborough, a heart warming film, where you just have to say "ahhhhhhh" somewhere along the way!



Tina said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the countdown! It's nearly Christmas, hurray!

Chester said...

Thanks Tina, glad you've enjoyed it!

Have a great Christmas!