Tuesday, 15 December 2009

9 Days to Christmas!

Well I thought I’d go on about Christmas Day tv, it’s always full of repeats isn’t it??

However, many cannot wait until the TV Times or Radio Times magazine comes out, with that bumper issue that covers the whole of the festive period – and first page opened is normally Christmas Day to see what’s on, what the big movie is after the Queens Speech takes place at 3pm – I say big movie, it was in the days before satellite tv came long, I even remember the Christmas when ET was the big premiere after the Queen – now it’s probably relegated to New Year!

In those days, if you hadn’t seen it at the cinema, or on video like 2 years later, then this would be the first chance you’d get to watch it, the family would be gathered around the front room, settling down to watch the big film, complete with a glass of Port, Whisky, or even Champagne, just trying to inch that big lunch you’d just had down a little bit further!

The kids would have pretty much settled following playing around with their new toys, and screaming around the room with their new goodies, and finally you’d get a bit of peace as the film came on.

What else was good on the box Christmas Day?

Well, I can remember the Only Fools & Horses Special, that was legendary, and a classic clip from that is shown below the blog today, there is also Top of the Pops Christmas Special, you just tuned in for the best hits of the year, but secretly awaiting that appearance from Wizard – “Oh I wish it could be Christmas Everyday” – come on admit it, you even sing the bit at the end “When the snowman brings the snow, when the snowman brings the snow”!!

But who watches Christmas Morning TV???

Those pointless programmes at 7am, that just cry out “turn me off and put your Christmas CD on instead – well now of course, you don’t have to do that, you can just tune into the Christmas Music channel on satellite tv instead!

Either way, lets hope that there is something decent on TV for Christmas Day!

Classic, absolute classic!

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