Saturday, 19 December 2009

5 days to Christmas!

Well I'm writing this with just twenty minutes to go until the Countdown to Christmas blog will require another entry, so this is going to be a little weird, as the 5 day blog is quickly followed by the 4 day blog!!

So, what did you all get up today then?

I actually thought I'd be in the middle of all the insane last minute shoppers today, but thanks to a heavy night out last night - think I got through about 10 pints along the way, and all that in a short space of time, so as you can imagine, the day today began at a very slow pace.

Unfortunately, my wife isn't in the best of health at the moment, so I was doing my husband duty and looking after her again, whilst still trying to ignore my own unhealthy feelings - at least mine were self inflicted, poor Mrs B's are a different story.

I did go out a little today though, as I had to fetch some medicine, but also managed to collect a different kind of medicine too - a MacDonalds, well you know it all helps!

Anyway, time for a tune, who remembers Band Aid?

Yes, I'm sure you all do, but I bet you don't remember this version of it...


(4 days to go coming up very soon!)

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