Saturday, 12 December 2009

12 Days to Christmas!

On the twelth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....

Yes, we are just twelve days from the big day itself, and things are now hotting up!

Plenty more presents have been bought today in the Christmas sales (what?) - yes really, Christmas sales are already on the go - anyone remember when that started on Boxing Day???

Now though, the shops absolutely fight each other for Customers, and today they would have been hoping that the shoppers would be out in force, although with yesterday's fact that yesterday was actually supposed to be the most popular night of the year for people going out on the town, there may have been a few hangovers to nurse this morning, so going shopping may not have been on the agenda for many!!

Personally speaking, I've been out today shopping despite having the hangover, but hardly spent a penny - why?

I haven't got any to spend!

Yes, this year is pretty much the credit crunch christmas, without sounding tight, it's time to pull the reigns in, and watch how much is spent, but does that mean curtains for decent presents?

No, I'll still be making the most of what I can do for my other half this year!

There may not be the holiday to the Maldives on offer, but I'm sure an equally exciting trip to Manchester - only kidding I'm sure I can do a bit better than that!

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