Friday, 18 December 2009

6 Days to Christmas!

It's Friday, and in the next few days, we'll see masses take to the shops in the cities and towns across the world, all desperate for those last minute gifts that they wished they'd picked up ages ago, although will be hoping that everything has reduced in price being so close to Christmas!

Unfortunately this year, I'll be amongst them as I search out that perfect gift for my wife, any ideas anyone - I do have a few, but would be interested in any suggestions you all have!!

For those who haven't put their decorations up yet, I'm sure you'll all be feverishly putting them up tomorrow, but how could you wait so long, didn't you have any burning desires to get them up before now - if so, you've done well to resist the temptation of it all!

The Christmas CD in the car will be turned up that little bit more from today onwards as we head into the final straight now, and no doubt I'll be singing loads too, looking very strange when I stop at traffic lights, belting out "simply havin' a wonderful christmastime!"

Oh it's all good fun, and from tomorrow, the TV Times magazine purchased last week comes into effect, it's the only one I buy all year, so Christmas really does start tomorrow as far as that's concerned!

Hope everyone enjoys their Friday, for many this is pay day, so enjoy that too, but remember it has to last that extra week this time, January is always a killer!

How's about a Christmas song for Friday too...


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