Sunday, 20 December 2009

4 Days to Christmas!

As promised, it's time to launch the 4 day countdown, fresh from writing the 5 day countdown, it's just gone midnight in the UK, so covering two days in the space of half an hour!

So far we've had one set of carol singers round at our door, but they were the type of kids you don't really want to open your door too, sad that as it should be a special time of the year this, but those creeps who try to just con money off you, seem to turn up, rather than the sweet innocent kids with their parents with them.

So, normally it's one look at them, one listen, and then close door, see ya!

4 days to now, wow, it will soon be Christmas Eve, over here in the UK we've had plenty of snow in the country, but about one smidgeon of the stuff here in Chester, which is disappointing, we're all hoping for a nice white blanket of snow for Christmas week, mind you it could be a bit early yet, as the snow would probably turn to slush very quickly over here, and appear ugly, so we'll settle for it on Christmas Eve night instead!

Talking of carol singers by the way, I just had to play this today...

Poor Cartman!!

Only 4 more days before this blog sadly comes to an end!

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