Wednesday, 16 December 2009

8 Days to Christmas!

That clock just a keeps on counting, and we are down to that single fat lady, number 8, as we await that big fat man himself, Santa, who is currently working busily through all of our Christmas lists!

Everyone at work now seems to be realising that it is next Friday that we'll all be sitting there early morning ripping open plenty of pressies, and enjoying those great, and possibly not so great gifts that we've all been given.

Just get practicing that false smile, as you try to think of a reason why you needed a deodorant set off your family - do you really smell that badly???

So, tomorrow, it will be down to one week til Christmas Eve.

I just love the feeling when you finish work on Christmas Eve - everyone seems to be in a happy mood - it's always the calm before the storm I think!

Speaking of nightmares before Christmas - was I? Oh well I am now, what did everyone make of this film?...

It was certainly a very strange film, but then again, we know what to expect with a Tim Buton movie!

What did you all make of it?

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