Wednesday, 23 December 2009

1 Day to go until Christmas!

Yes, we are so nearly over that finishing line, and yes, it may only be the 23rd, and you're thinking hold on, that's two days to go, well not if you look at the counter on the right, which tells you we are just over the 1 day, and as soon as midnight tomorrow night arrives, we will be into Christmas, so tomorrow the Blog title will read "Just hours to go!"

I think the biggest change to previous weeks has happened this week at work, after mentioning that the music volume levels are upped a little, so too now are the amount of car parking spaces available, as people now take those last remaining holidays before the year is out.

It's time to get those skeleton staff days going, as things start to wind down, well that's the plan for most, however, for me, my work load is about to head the opposite way having been drafted onto a different project, which will possibly mean that instead of finishing at midday on Christmas Eve, it looks as though I could be in until 6pm - nooooooo!

So, all I can do is sit back and watch those leaving early tomorrow, but I'm taking it positively, and will still try and have some fun with what I've been assigned to do - no point in sulking about it, that's what the rest of the year is for!!!!

I hope you have all got your wrapping done, you've probably got around 36 hours now to make sure you're all sorted, and don't forget to check that you've got sellotape in reserve, nothing worse than getting cracking on your wrapping skills onto to find that you've run out of the sticky stuff on Christmas Eve!

So then, just one more blog to go on the Countdown to Christmas - have a great day today!

Oh let's have a song before I go...

...and what about a film trailer for Christmas?...


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