Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Real or Fake? The Great Christmas Tree Debate!

One of the biggest items around Christmas, is of course the Christmas tree, but which type do you buy in?

Real tree or Fake tree?

Personally speaking I've had both in my lifetime, however, only had a real Christmas tree just the once, as it was a pain in the arse, leaving pines everywhere, you know the type, the ones you end up standing on, and you end up in excruciating pain from!

The real tree was also a pain in the backside as far as getting rid of it was, it was when I lived at my mum's and she had no patio door at this stage, so we had to pass it through the middle window which in a set of three, wasn't exactly huge, and you can imagine the state of the place with all the pines everywhere all over the floor, wall, and windown legde, oh and not forgetting the garden outside, it suddenly looked like it had snowed green!!

The tree we had, you couldn't even hang a decoration without a sound of falling pines through the tree, it was a game of reverse Kerplunk trying to put the decs on without any pines coming off!!!

So, what about fake trees, well for 35 years of my life, we've had a fake tree, it's great, only costs about a tenner, folds in and out of a box, and away to the loft it goes to be stored for 12 months without the minimum of fuss, but then you start to think are you missing out with just having a "fake" tree, and not the real thing.

The plus point is of course, that when it topples over on to you just when you are underneath trying to switch the socket on for the lights, the thing falls down on you, but if you had a real one, it would be the equivalent of visiting a psychotic Acupuncturist (is that what they are called?) and having 5000 pines stabbed in your head, back, and probably arse - not that I'm saying I tend to do the tree decorating in the buff of course, erm, you know what I mean!!

So, the argument does tend to side on the "fake" side, but what do you prefer?


Leah said...
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Leah said...

Oh...great blog, was looking for something like this all over :)

Anyway I have always had a fake tree since it's quite difficult getting a natural one in a tropical country. But I must say I do love the wonderful smell that natural trees give to the entire house....

I just can't wait to put up the tree makes that entire house look oh so much more beautiful.

Tc. Leah.