Sunday, 4 October 2009

82 & now 81 days to Christmas!

Yes the days are now flying down, and we are on the verge of heading into the 70's, but as we knock off two days in one fell swoop, what is the subject today?


Yes, Holly. The Christmassy plant that makes me think what is so special about the plant, whenever you're unfortunate to come into contact with it, it normally hurts with its pointed and jagged edges, but it finds its way onto Christmas cards, and the like, but surely this cannot be classed as a special Christmas item?

Okay, maybe some will disagree, maybe it's because it's so wintry it deserves to be included in the Christmas items list I don't know.

One thing's for sure, I won't be picking any of those up when they fall out of the hedge, blimey, even picking the false plastic ones out of the loft for putting decorations is bad enough!!!

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