Wednesday, 7 October 2009

78 Days to Christmas!

Okay, after the real or fake debate yesterday, I'm sticking to the great debate side of things, and keeping on the theme of Christmas trees, but today asking if you are a "tinsel" or "beads" person?

By that I mean, do you decorate your tree with tinsel, or beads, or both?

I have to say I prefer tinsel, I think it's just as we always used to have that on the family tree rather than beads, in fact I didn't know so many people actually had beads on their trees until my teens!!!

Tinsel is great though, I used to wrap it around things like my car aerial, on the dashboard, and other areas inside the car to make it look really christmassy.

Beads though, well you could do plenty with those I guess, but for me it's tinsel!

So are you tinsel or beads?

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