Monday, 12 October 2009

75, 74, 73 days....The pendulum is swinging!

So, three more days pass, and the countdown to Christmas is still in full swing!

Now, with 73 days remaining until the great day, just what is the subject today?

Well, the subject for today is...Christmas Pudding!

It's a bit of a strange one Christmas Pudding isn't it?

It's not the most desirable looking pudding in the world ever is it? I think it's one of those items you'll either love or hate, or maybe you just put up with it for one day in the year.

For me, that's pretty much it, I don't think I'd have one at any other stage of the year, if it wasn't called Christmas Pudding, but come those Christmas meals that you go out for with work, that's always my choice of pudding, probably as they never have a lovely "Christmas Log" on the menu - now we'd be talking!

For me though, if it's Christmas Pudding, it's got to be covered in Custard, piping hot custard, mmmmm, I'm giving myself an appetite just writing this, although I don't think I could stomach Christmas pudding at 6.15am!!!

Then there is the way that people throw a bit of brandy over the pudding, and set it alight, where the hell did that come from? Tell you what lets set fire to the pudding - what a great idea!!!

Anyway, as far as Christmas Pudding goes, it's certainly one of those "marmite" type products!

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