Thursday, 8 October 2009

77 Days to Christmas!

So, another day chalked off the list, and because I'm suffering from the world's greatest illness today, known as Man Flu, I thought I'd blog about the Flu Jab.

Many people tend to have the flu jab weeks before Christmas, so that they don't suffer the flu over Christmas, but what I cannot understand is why the jab has to give you a bug in the first place - surely the idea is to stop you getting it, not help you to get the flu immediately, just so you avoid it over the festive period?

I have to admit I've never had the jab, but have always stocked up with the pills & stuff for Christmas but I do seem to get a bit of a bug in January, maybe that's because the copious amounts of alcohol running through my veins have just about had enough after Christmas, and are trying to tell me to lay off for a few months!!

So, that's the topic for today, the flu jab - do you have one?

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