Tuesday, 13 October 2009

72 Days to Christmas!

What's the one thing you're guaranteed to pull this Christmas?


It is of course the Christmas Cracker!!!

Yes, that age old ritual that remains on people's dinner tables across the globe on Christmas Day is the old Christmas Cracker, made out of cardboard, and something that contains a small gift, and the most ridiculous looking of hats, but then I guess it's a fun time of the year, so we all end up being as cringeworthy as each other and sit round the table wearing them!

Inside there is normally something like a fake clip on moustache, or a plastic ring, many joke quotes such as "that's the only ring you're getting off me this christmas" tend to be spouted out at this point, which is quickly followed by the poorest joke you've heard in ages, but you can be assured that at least one person will for some reason find it funny.

But what's with the trivia, who is really interested in trvia quotes when they have just pulled a christmas cracker, it's a bit of a conversation killer if we're being honest here.

If you're posh, then you could end up with a pack of cards, or a tool set in your cracker, but then you're probably paying through the nose for some nicely decorated cardboard!!

Anyway, there we go, the Christmas Cracker - go on have a pull this Christmas =)

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