Monday, 26 October 2009

62, 61, 60....nope, it's now 59 days to Christmas!

Yes, due to limited time on the internet all weekend, the countdown has taken a bigger tumble than normal, with the days now down to a figure of 59!

Halloween is fast approaching, and I'm sure the countdown will take on a greater significance after that is out of the way, but for now, I'm enjoying putting the Christmas songs up on each post!

Today's tune, is actually an original of one of the songs I've already featured in the countdown, it was covered by Mel & Kim, not the female act, but Mel Smith the comedian, and Kim Wilde the singer.

The song is of course, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, originally sung by Brenda Lee, and here is a special version featuring Brenda singing it in 1994, the original being recorded some 36 years earlier in 1958.