Wednesday, 30 September 2009

85 Days to Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas Day, what time do you get up?

As a kid I always used to get up about 6am or 7am at the latest, but I know of people who have their kids up at 2am unwrapping presents, I'm like, "you what????" surely to god that's far too early to get up on Christmas morning no matter how excited you are?

I can understand maybe at the crack of dawn as that's heading towards the time of the day when us normal people start to open their eyes, but not 2 hours after midnight, Santa may not have been by then anyway!!

So, what time is a recommended time to get up on Christmas Day?

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Amber said...

Well, since the older people stay up until about two am to do santa stuff, we usually require everyone to have at least three hours of sleep in them before making them get up, so basically, we're all awake at about 530am, 630 at the latest. with three little ones, two teenagers, and two men, it a blessing to even get that much sleep! lol...