Tuesday, 15 September 2009

100 Days to Christmas!

Today is the beginning of a new blog, and it's only 100 days to Christmas!

What's that I hear you say, "we're only in September!!" - well yes, that's true however, the worrying thing is there are only three more proper pay days to go (for those that get monthly) until the festive period - remember that one you get just before Christmas, you normally have to spread over 5 weeks as you always tend to get paid that little bit earlier than normal.

I went into a supermarket the other day, and noticed that they have Christmas puddings, wrapping paper, and selection boxes on the shelves - it's on the way ladies & gentlemen!

So, the Countdown to Christmas starts here, and this is the time when you start to think of what presents you can get people, and secretly, what they might be getting you also!

Last year, I bought the wife a holiday in the Maldives, this year, I'll be lucky to get her a postcard of the Maldives given the financial climate!!!

What are you asking your better half for Christmas then?

What are you planning to get them for Christmas?

Share your thoughts and ideas on here, as it may give inspiration to others as we build up to the big event in 2009.

We blokes always tend to struggle, so please let us know what you ladies out there would like off us fellas!

Now, finally, I have a secret line into Santa's Hotline, and he has granted you all a weekly wish for a present, so let me know what weird or wonderful gift you would like to receive, and Santa will do his best to deliver to you all!!

The purpose of this blog is to have some festive fun as we approach "the most wonderful time of the year", as the build up to watching Home Alone for the 84th time starts here, so let's have some fun with it as we countdown from 100 days to Christmas Day!


Anonymous said...

Haha, first to commemt, first to follow...

Santa had better bring me something nice...


Amber said...

Girls like engagement rings. *all males in the world pass out, leaving the girls to have their way with them* lol... just kidding. i think your mom'd about die if you gave her an engagement ring! girls like chocolate, flowers, all that romantic, yet painfully cliche stuff? we eat it up. and if you just so happen to write your girl a song or poem? she'll just about ide!