Tuesday, 22 September 2009

93 days to Christmas!

Today, we chalk day number 94 off the list, and welcome in day 93, and what's the subject today?

Carol singers.

Do they annoy you, or do you love it when they come round to your door, and upon opening sing a nice little song about Jesus being born?

Well that would be the ideal of course, only you're more likely to get a load of little shits round your door waiting to sing you something that Simon Cowell would more than likely retort "that's the worst thing I've ever heard" back at them.

Anyway, the lovely images you see in the films where people go out all wrapped up in their winter scarfs with a hymn book just does not happen around here, it is normally kids who are thinking of a quick way of taking a quid out of your pocket, and eyeing up your car tyres if you refuse to give any money to them.

Does anywhere in this world have carol singers that you genuinely open the door to to, without thinking is someone trying to get in my back door right now, as you stand there listening to Jingle Bells or We Wish You a Merry Christmas?

Hopefully there is somewhere, just not around here!

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Amber said...

I wish we had carolers here in the US, but it just isn't as popular a tradition as i'd like it to be. we do go light watching, though, and last year this one house was just amazing! they had somehow got their lights to go off in time to silent night, and they were giving out candy... it was so pretty! we videotaped it, but lost the tape! (yes, my family is in denial of the 21st century. it is still 1998 to us.) Once, though, when we lived in maryland, we went caroling. I think. I slept through the whole thing. grr...