Friday, 18 September 2009

97 days to Christmas!

Another day is chalked off the countdown, so what is behind door number 97 on the specially extended advent calendar today?

Well, in true tradition, it's a yummy piece of chocolate!

I used to love getting advent calendars when I was little, but I think they may have become a little too commercialised now, with virtually every tom, dick, and harry getting their out in the supermarkets come September - yes, over here they appeared on the shelves last week, that's what inspired me to get this blog on the go!

The best advent calendar I remember though, is a recent one, and features a Homer Simpson voice box in it, which is pretty cool, although I do have to admit that Homer is a legend as far as I'm concerned, and I just love watching The Simpsons for his classic lines!

So, for 96 days to go, I would like to champion the Advent Calendar!

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