Sunday, 20 September 2009 hold on...95 days to Christmas!

Well unfortunately, I was nowhere near a pc yesterday, so I missed out on the 96 days to Christmas post, so very briefly, here it is...

96 days to go, so what should we concentrate on, well, how's about those Calendar shops that sprout up for a few months just prior to the festive period - they should be coming to a town or city near you, very very soon.

They must have a short term lease or something similar on their location, as they always seem to disappear come February after the January Sales have finished!

Now moving swiftly onto...

95 days to go...

Another day closer then, and today, let's think of the Queen's Speech.

Over here in the UK, we have the Queen's Speech at 3pm across all of the major channels, although a few years ago, families would gather around the tv sets to listen to what the monarchy had to say, now it seems it's a quick 10 minute slot to go and put the kettle on for the world famous English cuppa!

That would be the case as many would make use of that 10 minutes just after the Top of the Pops Christmas Special had finished, and settle down for the big movie - well it used to be a big movie, as they'd get something like a world premiere of a recent film, but now since the introduction of satellite tv, it's now one that is probably about 5 years old, that you'd have seen lots of times before.

So, does anyone still watch the Queen's Speech in the UK, and do the US get treated to the President's Speech?

Let me know!

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NT77 said...

I think the US President tapes a message a few days before Christmas, but I've never heard of a speech on Christmas Day. It's bad enough that our politicians lie the other 364 days of the year. On Christmas they need to be silent :)