Saturday, 26 September 2009

89 Days to Christmas!

As another day is chalked off the list and we drop into the 80's in terms of days remaining til Christmas, it's time to mention another classic thing associated with Christmas, and that's Mistletoe!

Everyone has nmixed views on mistletoe don't they?

Some blokes all get a feeling of hey up, here's a chance to get a smooch with someone they've fancied for a while, whilst the others think if they get caught kissing someone here, even innocently, the news will be fed back to their other halves, and they'll be in for a stormy argument!

Whilst for the women, they probably have the same reasons for looking forward to it, and not looking forward to it, with maybe a differing reason for not looking forward to it, as they may end up with some nerd wanting a quick kiss with them!!

It's always a controversial one, who thought up the idea of kissing underneath a flower anyway???

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