Wednesday, 16 September 2009

99 Days til Christmas!

Yes, amazingly, it's only 99 days to go now til the big fat man in red flies down the chimneys around the world to deliver lots and lots of presents to everyone.

But what makes Christmas special for you?

Is it the fact that the family are coming round? Surely that could be a nightmare!

Is it the lovely Christmas Day meal you're looking forward to?

Is it the opening of presents that floats your boat?

Is it the giving of presents that floats your boat?

Is it the fact that the feel good factor seems to come round when Christmas is here?

Is it the Christmas lights that you enjoy so much at that time of year?

There are lots of things that make that time special, I love Christmas, as it just enables you to be inventive with presents for people, and the looks on their faces when they open them!

So, what makes it special for you?


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one visiting here? Banksy, you need to add a counter or feedjit, something to show you how many are visiting.


Amber said...

I like everything about christmas. Yes, even the insane overspending that puts people so far into debt, they could fill an ocean! I love watching the little ones open gifts as if each one was the first one they'd ever recieved! And i love putting up the tree the most. and movies. and music. aw, hell i love it all!!