Friday, 25 September 2009

90 Days to Christmas

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Yes, today, with just 90 days to Christmas, and the nights drawing in, it's time to talk about Snow, and for most of the UK, we don't get to see it on Christmas Day anymore.

Years ago, it was a guarantee that you'd see it, but not now unfortunately, we have to wait until around February or March for it to turn up, so I believe we should in fact move Christmas to then instead!!!

What do you reckon?

Does it snow near you at Christmas?

I wish it would, the place would look so picturesque and Christmas-like, but we have to instead just sit there and watch it rain most of the time, instead of turning the place white!

Snow is great, although it doesn't take long before it all turns slushy and then even worse icy, which is when it becomes a nightmare on the road.

But when it snows for the first time, there always seems to be unrivalled excitement in the office as the first flakes of white drop from the air, it always gets everyone into the pre-Christmas spirit!


Amber said...

We over here in Arizona, USA rarely get snow. last year was rare- it's snowed twice!! once, the day after christmas, and then two days after that! We were so happy! I've never sen as much snow as i did last year...
it made me cry, how beautiful it was. i was also crying because i don't own gloves, and the snow made my hands turn red! lol... i bought some this year, just in case!

Chester said...

I remember when I went to Vegas a few years ago, there was talk that snow was not far away which was one of the first times that snow was in that area on that part of the map!!

I thought it would be whilst we were there!